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Pamela has over 30 years experience in the real estate profession. Her highly professional, yet personal style, coupled with her obsession for exceptional customer service, is reason for you to trust your real estate goals with Pamela. Prior to being a full-time Realtor, Pamela worked in the mortgage business for five years. That experience allowed her to tap into her entrepreneurial skills and passion for helping others. During that time, Pamela provided financial counseling and developed many close professional-client relationships. Clients soon learned the value in her services, including her strong communication and negotiation skills along with her direct and honest business style. 

Pamela was first introduced to the real estate industry while working as a real estate processor for several real estate settlement attorneys. For 12 years, she was responsible for processing incoming real estate transactions and ensuring that all legal and administrative requirements were met prior to settlement/closing. She worked closely with buyers, sellers, and Realtors to ensure smooth real estate settlements. If you're thinking about buying or selling, please give Pamela a call. You will have earned a Realtor and friend for life!! MEMBER OF RE/MAX 100% CLUB. 

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